Oakley “SI M FRAME 2.0” protective goggles

Oakley company’s outlet series SI (Standard Issue) is specifically for the military, the design of the protective mirror. Compared with the civil protective mirror, SI outlet series has many remarkable characteristics. R & D personnel according to the actual situation of the battlefield, carried out a number of special design. Among them, the most obvious is that the SI cheap series of protective mirror can replace the lens, when the front-line soldiers perform tasks during the day, you can choose black lenses to use, can achieve the function of eye protector; Soldiers can also use transparent colored lenses during the night’s action to ensure a clear vision.

For a professional protective lens, the lens can be used as the most important part of the mirror. Oakley’s outlet lens uses advanced Plutonite Technology, in full compliance with the ANSI Z87.1-2003 and US troops MIL-PRF-31013 cheap standard, provide users with a large area of positive protection, to a large extent, the protection of the user’s eye and face safety.

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oakley sunglasses specific cheap characteristics:

  • Can fully meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 all protection test standards
  • Can fully meet the US troops MIL-PRF-31013 ballistic test standards.
  • Using advanced Plutonite lens, can effectively prevent the UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful Blu ray.
  • Can be with the US troops PASGT, CVC, MICH and other mainstream military helmets with the use of.
  • Lens, using POLARIC Technology, users without any distortion visual sense.

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The latest coating, OAKLEY Jawbreaker.

All the time, with more than 1000 high precision patent technology Oakley the continuous use of art design philosophy and innovative manufacturing technology to solve the problem. 2016 of the summer is quietly coming, Oakleys outlet released a new coating of the Jawbeaker.

Oakley sunglasses

PRIZM lens technology:
Many people has a general understanding of Oakley’s PRIZM technology, but not deeply. Here we take out the core of it to express, this technology is mainly through the lens to adjust the line of sight, and improve color contrast. If you encounter obstacles in the ground or in the front of the line of sight, PRIZM lens can effectively improve the color contrast ratio of object in line of sight, and highlight details make immediate things at a glance, you can imagine in the outdoor, competition, how useful this is. For example, when riding in the forest road, the intricate road and view is not sufficient, the intricate road and line of sight is not sufficient, Jawbreaker can effectively improve the clarity, and improve the safety factor.

Glasses frame outlet design:
Oakley Jawbreaker uses the “O MATTER” outlet material, there are certain advantages in terms of weight, wear up is also more comfortable. Oakley using outlet Switchlock™ technology in Jawbreaker, this technology makes Jawbreaker more full of mechanical sense, at the same time can quickly and safely replace the requiring cheap lens. Our careful observation can be found, in above the glasses cheap frame and lens contact area set aside two of symmetrical vent, and there is a pair of vent holes below, this is mainly to increase the permeability of the glasses, improve the air flow in the riding process.

Nose Pad:
This Oakley sunglasses is a three point type collet structure design, according to the facial structure of Asians, Oakley will be relatively increased nose pad, in order to better fit the Asians nose. In addition, nose pad also controls an important function, it is to replace the function of the cheap lens. Hold the sunglasses frame will be nose pad flip up, with the index finger at the top of the frame will buckle release, it is complete the removal cheap lens action, then according to the appropriate cheap lens replacement.

New Oakley 2016 spring PRIZM professional sports series

Oakley EVZero Range

Spring 2016, Oakley on the basis of the classic best-selling style, launch new spring campaign color series. Stride across Radar EV, Flake, Jawbreaker whole series selling style, professional sports equipment to upgrade!

After 15 years of painstaking research and development, through a lot of color science and biology research, Oakley sunglasses launched across the era of lens technology. It through the precise adjustment of color, clearly show roads, mountains, golf, water skiing and other environmental details in a particular sport environment. By the optimization of visual contrast, the object color more realistic rendering, achieve a clear insight. PRIZM allows you to be seen more clearly in the course of the campaign, more rapid response, perform better.

How to choose and buy the oakley sunglasses

How to choose and buy the oakley sunglasses? Senior optometrist introduction: Summer how to cheap choose a suitable for their own oakley sunglasses can be said to be very important, the summer sun is strong, and there is a strong ultraviolet radiation on our eyes is also a kind of injury, so in the summer wearing a pair of oakley sunglasses is the best.

oakley sunglasses

Buy Sunglasses first to observe whether the lens has scratches, impurities, bubbles, stripes, check the outlet packing of the oakley sunglasses, normal sunglasses should be marked with the name, color, size, quality level, origin and trademark. The mirror or the tag are marked UVA, UVB and CE logo sunglasses, can ensure that the barrier to a certain uv.